Welcome to Equine Security

Equine Security offers a range of security products to protect your tack room, stables and field gates. We specialise in tack / saddle safes, saddle security, stable door security and tack room security.

Your saddles are at risk – unless they are kept where criminals cannot reach them.

Saddles, bridles and riding equipment are expensive – and vulnerable. They are frequently stored in sheds and tack rooms with little or inadequate security. Villains know this – which is why saddle theft is an all too common occurrence.

It's not just the loss of a favourite saddle. Premises have to be repaired and insurance premiums rise. You don't need to become another burglary statistic. With proper security you can keep your saddles and riding kit safe.

TackGuard offers you the ultimate solution against saddle theft.TackGuard is a small strong room, built from heavy duty steel, bolted to the floor and protected by hidden hinges and double security locks.

The TackGuard is custom built to your specification depending on the number of saddles and amount of tack you need to store in the safe.

Our Equine Security range of products is designed to provide security solutions geared towards your equestrian needs, but you may need security or chain in other areas. For this we offer a wide choice of security and chain solutions through our companion websites.

For a vast range of security products and accessories visit our site at Sterling Security, and for chain and accessories ranging from plastic chain through to galvanised steel chain, visit our site at Ashley Chains Alternatively, just give us a call on 01483 239733.

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