Protecting your Horse, Saddlery, Horsebox and Stables

Some proven security measures and general guidance on steps you can take to minimise the risk of theft. All the underlined items link to appropriate products on the web site.

Horseboxes and trailers

Use a wheel clamp or security post, or both. Secure to an appropriate ground anchor with strong chain. Fit an alarm, a simple battery operated alarm will help deter the thief. Use some form of security marking or electronic tagging. Try to park where you can see it or there is security lighting. Identifying photographs are always advisable. Try to personalise the vehicle in some way to make it unique to you and therefore more readily identifiable. Painting your postcode on the roof is a good way of making sure that it is easily identifiable. Yards, driveways and gateways can be alarmed easily and affordably with a wireless alarm to detect any unwanted activity in the vicinity.