Protecting your Horse, Saddlery, Horsebox and Stables

Some proven security measures and general guidance on steps you can take to minimise the risk of theft. All the underlined items link to appropriate products on the web site.


Have your animal security marked. Freeze branding is one of the most popular methods as potential thieves can see the animal is marked. It is carried out by marking a unique number on the animals body. Records of the marked animals are kept and registration documents issued to the owner. If your horse is rugged paint the freeze brand number on the rug. Hoof branding involves branding your postcode onto the animals hoof. Your farrier can usually carry out this operation but it does need to be renewed as the hoof grows. A microchip can be implanted in the animal's neck. In the event the horse is stolen the microchip can be detected with a transceiver. Your veterinary surgeon can usually offer advice on microchipping. Other simple precautions include ensuring field gates are securely locked with appropriate chain, padlock and hinge lock. Do not leave head collars or ropes in the field, they will make it easier for the thief to walk away with your horse.