Protecting your Horse, Saddlery, Horsebox and Stables

Some proven security measures and general guidance on steps you can take to minimise the risk of theft. All the underlined items link to appropriate products on the web site.


Your local Crime Reduction Officer will be pleased to offer advice on your particular situation. Simple precautions include an alarm if possible and security lighting. Low level lighting is a good deterrent and can be run from solar or battery power where mains electricity is not available. Preferably do not leave valuable tack at remote sites. Where this is unavoidable the tack room should have a good strong door and frame with appropriate bolts and padlocks. If the door is weak consider a security grille. Attaching weld mesh to the inside of windows is a simple means of discouraging this means of entry. Inside it is worth considering a high security tack safe just in case your thief manages to get through the outer defences. Display signs declaring that your property and animals have all been security marked.