What is a TackGuard?

Tack Cabinet

A TackGuard saddle safe is virtually a small strong room built to your personal requirements. A TackGuard comprises a separate plinth which is first bolted to the floor. The main safe is then fitted and bolted to the plinth.

You decide how many saddles you want to store (up to 3), how many bridle loops, whether you want a shelf.

Saddles are stored on adjustable poles which can be moved up or down to suit the saddle size. Air vents are fitted top and bottom to allow proper ventilation.

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This photograph shows the type of tackroom a criminal would like to visit. This tackroom didn’t even have a lock on the door! It’s an open invitation to thieves, and it is questionable whether the insurance company would have paid out in the event of a break-in here. Proper saddle security is essential. Put your riding equipment in a place where it can’t be illegally removed.

The TackGuard is a purpose built saddle safe for all your riding equipment.